A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.


---John Maxwell


Tom Parlier


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  Michelange Bertrand



I am a transplant from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It’s was a challenge to relocate, however, one of the best decisions I made as a parent was enrolling my son at West Oaks Academy. He did well academically, all while playing basketball and football. My son graduated from West Oaks Academy and I was very pleased with the education he received. Little did I know, that after I retired, God’s plan was to have me join the staff at West Oaks Academy. It has been a wonderful blessing and another great decision. The past seven (7) years have been very gratifying. Students at West Oaks Academy have enriched my life in so many ways. Each day I come to work with a goal to establish solid relationships with students and their parents. It is important to me that I remain humble, helpful and a positive role model. I love West Oaks Academy and you will too!

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Barry White


Originally from Orlando, FL and the son of Ernest and Rutha White (retired educators), Barry is the founder and CEO of Community Involvement Targeting Youth, Inc. (CITY Inc), a 501(c) (3) organization. CITY Inc. after school programs includes sports, tutoring, mentoring, and performing arts. He is also the owner/president of the Orlando Outlaws Youth Football and Cheer, Inc. (OOYFC), which was founded in 1984 by his childhood friend, where he also coaches ages 4-15. The (OOYFC) program is comprised of 5 football and 5 cheer teams of girls and boys with over 300 members from several different neighborhoods in the Orlando areas. Founded in 2006, CITY Inc supports over 1,000 students ages 4-21 with a 90% high school graduation rate. Barry is also an actor, playwright, and director. He has performed in several commercials, television shows, films, and theatre productions. Barry is the former high school head football coach at Victory Prep Christian Academy in Orlando where he taught drama as well and former assistant football coach at Central Florida Christian Academy (CFCA). He is currently working in admissions, the assistant athletic director and assistant football coach at West Oaks Academy in Orlando where his wife of 18 years, Vonda White is a 5th grade teacher. Barry studied acting at Lisa Maile and Valencia College and business administration at the University of Phoenix.

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Glenda Hampton

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Charmaine Addison


Education was not my first thought once I finished high school or college. I actually graduated from Central Florida College on the President’s and Dean’s List with degree in Medical Information Technology as well as Medical Assistance. I was not until I started a temporary, turned permanent position with West Oaks Academy that I realized how much I loved working with kids.  This suddenly became my passion and on this journey, I’ve encountered many wonderful men and women who’ve given me so many gems and words of encouragement.  In the words of Mrs. Michelle Obama-“The journey doesn’t end, it’s a forwards motion to better yourself”. I’m always evolving, learning new concepts, tackling new challenges, and growing wiser as a women, and most importantly a mother.  I pray that I’ll continue to walk in the light of my beloved mother, grandmother, sister and ancestors.  May their wings and their words continue to guide me on this journey.

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Teresa Parlier