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Marsee Brooks and her mother

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Brooke Jones


Justice Aina -Jones

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Marsee Brooks, a second grade student in Mrs. Clark class at West Oaks Academy was named Elementary School Student of the Month. This is Marsee’s second year at West Oaks Academy. She has been a straight “A” student since kindergarten. Marsee has an older brother that also attends West Oaks Academy. She loves Christian life and is happy her mother found a Christian school for her to attend. Marsee’s favorite subject is math and her favorite color is purple. Marsee’s mother is quite proud of her daughter. Ms. Ramona Carroll told West Oaks Academy’s Mrs. Hampton that Marsee is a very pleasant child. She’s always helpful and happy. She said, “Marsee tends to be a little shy.” When she was younger, she had to overcome a medical challenge. Her speech was delayed and now she is fine. Marsee enjoys writing and playing with her dolls. She is also a cheerleader. Her Cheer Team, The Outlaws won 1st place in competition. Marsee Brooks plans to become a lawyer or doctor. Her mother states, her daughter is very considerate and likes helping others. She often talks about becoming a veterinarian. Marsee was born in Orlando, Fl. At seven years old, she hopes to someday see snow.

Brooke Jones was recently named Middle School Student of the Month. Brooke is an eight grade A/B Honor Roll student. This is her first year at West Oaks Academy and she has had an impressive start. Here’s what Ms. Alexandria Jones, Brooke’s mother told West Oaks Academy’s Mrs. Hampton about her daughter.  Brooke has a positive attitude, is respectful of others and exhibits the attributes of strong Christian character. She has two siblings that attend West Oaks Academy. Brooke was born in Texas and moved to Orlando with her family six years ago. Her mother said, “while the transition presented the family with some challenges, Brooke has always been a great student and terrific daughter”. “She is very outgoing and a mature thirteen year old young lady”.

When at home, Brooke spends much of her time drawing. She loves abstract art and gives her work away as gifts. Her mother treasures all of Brooke’s drawings and maintains a collection. Ms. Jones would someday like to see her daughter draw a mural.

Brooke recently joined a group called Empowered Girls. The organization is Christian based and teaches girls ages 4-18yrs old important life skills. Brooke is proud to be a member and is looking forward to delivering clothing to the homeless.

Brooke has a wonderful personality and attends church regularly. She is currently studying her role in an upcoming church Christmas play. She plays the character of a child of a parent who is struggling in society. Brooke told Mrs. Hampton, that she is very excited about the church production because her career goal is to become an actress. Her plans include attending an out of state college. Brooke’s eyes are set on the state of Michigan.

Ms. Jones, a Customer Service representative, states, “I’m fully confident in Brooke’s ability to achieve her goals.”

Justice Aina-Jones was selected by his teachers as High School

Student of the Month. It comes as no surprise. Justice receives recognition and creates a memorable positive impression wherever he goes. He is a real scholar and a gentleman. Justice is a Christian, he is humble, and loves the Lord.  This is Justice’s first year at West Oaks Academy and he has proven to be a remarkable student. He is an A/B Honor Roll student. He is sixteen years old and loves math and African history. Ms. Dominga Mwenyo, Justice’s mother was interviewed and this is what she shared with West Oaks Academy’s Mrs. Hampton about her son. Justice is the youngest of three brothers. He was born in Jacksonville, FL. He recently moved to Orlando with his mother who is a Medicare Insurance agent.  Ms. Mwenyo states that Justice is well rounded and well grounded. He is very helpful and has a funny sense of humor. He has many interests. Justice began playing the guitar at eight years old. He started playing basketball at the age of ten. He was MVP at his middle school and currently is a member of the

Boy’s Basketball team at West Oaks Academy.  Justice speaks three languages fluently. Two of the languages are from Africa. Yoruba, from West Africa mostly prominently Southwestern Nigeria and Mbunda, which is the second most widely spoken Bantu language in Angola. His mother said, “Justice is a very confident person and likes being a leader.” She also stated, “Justice is hardworking and self- driven.”

Justice Aina-Jones plans to earn a degree in Sports Medicine. He will research colleges and universities in the states of Tennessee, North Carolina and Texas. One of Justice’s career goals includes playing basketball for the NBA.