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Tayler Williams

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Kai Scott

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Dorien Chow

Meet the families...

Tayler Williams is a 3rd grade student at West Oaks Academy. She is 9 yrs old and has a twin brother. Tayler has four siblings and they all attend West Oaks Academy. Tayler started at West Oaks Academy as a kindergarten student. She is now a straight “A” student in Mrs. Jones 3rd grade class. Tayler learns quickly and notices everything. Mrs.Tylicia Williams, Tayler’s mother believes that staying involved in her daughter’s education is extremely important. Tayler follows the lead of her older sister who was also selected West Oaks Academy Student of the Month earlier this school year. Mrs. Williams told West Oaks Academy’s, Mrs. Hampton that “Tayler is a very curious child.” She enjoys learning and going places. She also likes reading. Singing is her passion. Tayler likes dancing too! Another past time for Taylor is playing pranks on family members. Her mother admits that her daughter is quite fun loving. Tayler’s favorite color is pink, she likes Korean Pop Culture and she’s a picky eater.

Kai Scott is an A/B Honor Roll student at West Oaks Academy and he was recently selected as Middle School student of the month. Kai is a 7th grader. He is kind, polite and very observant. Kai and his sister have been students at West Oaks for the past two years. Kai’s father also attended West Oaks Academy many years ago. He vividly remembers Pastor Parlier as the school Principal and had the pleasure of speaking directly with Pastor Parlier during the Student of the Month parent meeting. He is very happy that his children attend his former private Christian school. When Kai’s parents came to meet with West Oaks Academy’s Mrs. Hampton, they delighted in talking about their son. Kai’s mother, Ms. Elizabeth Suggs said, “we have high expectations for “Kai”and we discuss career goals with him. He is kept active in sports and he is very interested in physical fitness. Kai enjoys working out with his grandfather and doing “push ups” with his dad. For the past three years, Kai has been playing basketball with local basketball teams. He aspires to join West Oaks Academy’s High School Basketball team in the future. Kai loves Movie Night with his family. It’s a family tradition and he looks forward to every weekend. Both Kai’s mother and father stress the importance of family unity. The family has traveled together to New York, New Jersey and the Bahamas. Kai has a wonderful relationship with his grandfather. His grandfather, Mr. Angelo Suggs is no stranger to West Oaks Academy. He is often on campus and it’s evident that he is a very supportive family member. Kai Scott has lots of friends. His father said, “Kai is a jokester.” and his mother said, “Kai likes candy corn and marshmallows.” His favorite color is red. He loves animals and has asked his parents for a dog. They are considering a pit bull. Kai wants to attend college and play football. He also talks of becoming a police officer. His parents just want him to be “successful and happy”

Dorien Chow is 17 years old and was recently selected as High School Student of the Month. He is a junior and has been a student at West Oaks Academy since the 6th grade. He was born in Trinidad and now lives in Orlando with his parents. Recently West Oaks Academy’s Mrs. Hampton met with Dorian’s parents and they told her a lot about their son. Dorien’s mother, Mrs. Doreen Quashie, stated that “Dorien is a conservative child who is very respectful. He loves his family. He has one sister, however, he is the only child that lives at home. Dorien’s dad states, “Dorien is very much a home body”. “He is a great kid and does whatever he is asked to do. “He is cool, calm and collective” His mother agrees and added that Dorien is obedient and kind. Both parents agree that Dorien enjoys researching everything. He is an A/B Honor Roll student. He receives mostly As with a few Bs. Dorien can be described as a rather unique young man. He can seldom be found doing only one thing at a time. He enjoys playing with Mac, his American Bully dog and running in the rain. Dorien has a competive personality. As a young child he studied karate. He earned a 1st class purple belt and placed 2nd place of (15) students in a Karate School Competition Tournament. He recently participated in West Oaks Academy Black History Month Family Feud Game. Dorien enjoys traveling with his family. He has visited NewYork, Boston, and Trinidad. He is presently studying Florida’s Drivers’ Manual so that he can obtain his Driver’s License. Dorien Chow has a promising future. His parents are loving and supportive of his goals. Their expectations are that Dorien above all else, “puts God first in his life”

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