West Oaks Academy Students are required to wear a full school uniform (No rips or tears)


West Oaks Academy School jackets are a part of the uniform. All other jackets are strictly prohibited.


Back Packs must be completely “See through” for everyone’s safety


No Cell Phones.  West Oaks Academy is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any cell phone. Parents may pick up confiscated cell phones (Monday & Wednesday between 3-4pm) 


No Slacks for Girls


Girls skirts may not be worn more than 1” above the knee


Boys are required to wear a black belt with the school uniform (School shirt must be tucked inside pants)


No Earrings for Boys


Students are required to be neat & clean at all times. 


Hats and Hoodies are strictly prohibited.


Hair must be trimmed & well groomed.  Natural hair color only


Solid Black shoes or tennis shoes


Socks must be worn with the school uniform – must be a 

matched pair. (School colors only)


Leggings are permitted when temperatures are below 65 degrees

(School colors only)


Boys are required to wear a white dress shirt.  Long or short sleeves. 

(Golf or Cargo shirts are not allowed) 


Uniforms may not be accessorized with jewelry.  A wrist watch is acceptable


No colored under garments under dress white shirts or blouses.  


No food, snacks or drinks allowed in the classroom or on the school bus 


Students are not allowed on the campus without Adult supervision.


Students must obtain authorization to leave the campus for any reason


Students will be restricted from field trips if they are suspended from the school bus from August 2019 thru December 2019 or January 2020 thru May 2020