• I will ensure that my child comes to school prepared to learn every day and on time

  • I will monitor my child to ensure that he/she meets the school uniform policy and that he/she has sufficient school supplies.

  • I will make certain that my child promptly makes up missed work following absences.

  • I will monitor my child's attendance.

  • I will always keep the School Emergency Card updated and current.

  • I will inform the school prior to 8:00 AM on the day of my child's absence.

  • I will attend the mandatory annual Open House to be updated on West Oaks' goal, achievements, and concerns.

  • I will pick up my child's report card from the school quarterly and plan to meet with my child's teachers to discuss progress made during that particular quarter.

  • I will keep the school staff updated on any concerns or developments occurring within my home, as we realize that home and school must be connected to maximize my child's success.


  • Each day I walk through the West Oaks Academy doors, I will be properly attired, and prepared to learn. I will respect my teachers, school administrators and classmates at all times.

  • Each day I will come to school with a positive attitude and an understanding of the importance of school as it pertains to my future success.

  • Each day I commit to completing all assigned class work and homework.

  • Each new quarter, I will set two (2 goals) that can be monitored and assessed throughout each day, week, and month.


  • Each student is expected to earn at least a 2.5 GPA each quarter.

  • The student body will maintain less than 300 student absences each quarter.

  • Each student will earn at least 3.5 credits each semester.

  • A school wide improvement in student-work ethic will be evident.

  • Students will complete all class work and homework assignments.

  • Students will develop improved self-worth and self-image.

  • Students will complete all High School Content Expectations.

  • The student body will create a thriving Student Council.